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Copyright © 2014 - 2016.  International-Formations.com is a trading name of TMS FZE. Licensed Corporate Service Provider.
 Registered in RAK (Ras Al-Khaimah) UAE. Licence No. L1 04 15 427.
All rights reserved.

Please note that TMS FZE provides an execution only service in respect of the formation of companies, opening bank accounts and related services. Therefore comments or suggestions made by us should not be considered as formal advice. Should you require formal structuring advice, please contact us.

Our bank account opening service.

We will assist you to make an application to the bank of your choice (depending on the package chosen). Please be aware that the ultimate decision lies with the bank and not TMS Group. We therefore cannot give any guarantee that the bank will open the account.


Bank fees

Banks may charge an account-opening fee which is not included in our quote. This is normally deducted from your initial deposit which should be made immediately after the bank account is opened. Please visit our Bank Comparison page for more information.




Each of the featured "packages" includes: -

* All Company Incorporation costs.

* Necessary additional documents to      open the bank account

* 1st year Registered Agent fees.

* 1st year Government fees & taxes.

* A business address for the company    (outside the country of incorporation).

* An introduction to a reputable bank   (please see the relevant package for   details).


We offer affordable offshore company packages consisting of:




There are no hidden costs and nothing extra to pay in the first year.

Features of this package

Features of this package

Cyprus or
Mauritius Bank Account

* RAK International Company (previously known as RAK Offshore)

Features of this package



Company activities.
Directors and shareholders
Delivery of company documents.
Renewal dates of offshore IBCs
Annual renewal costs of IBCs.

Directors & Shareholders

IBCs are formed with your choice of director(s) and shareholder(s) and nominees are not automatically provided. In all cases both directors and shareholders may be of any nationality and can be corporate entities (please note bank account opening will be made more complicated when using corporate nominees).

Public (open) and Private (closed) Registries

In Common Law countries (generally English speaking), company information is held at the Registry. Countries such as the UK, Singapore, Hong Kong etc have public Registries where, for a fee, information about directors and shareholders may be obtained by anyone interested. By comparison, the classic Tax haven jurisdictions (including all the ones we offer for packages are closed in that only the most basic information (confirmation of formation etc) is on the public record.

Therefore it is not strictly necessary to use nominees although, for privacy, when signing contracts it may be preferred that a nominee signs rather than the owner.

Nominee services

For those wishing to use nominees, we can provide these and each service (director or shareholder) is charged at US$975 per annum. Please indicate on the order form if nominees are required.

Important re Bank account opening. Banks, without exception require ‘KYC’ for all parties to an account and this includes nominees. Varying charges are made by the nominees to provide copy passports etc. Nominees also charge typically $40 - $60 per signature on bank application forms etc.


Bank account opening service.
Information for US clients (FATCA)
Bank Fees


Why Malaysia for the virtual office?
What can Malaysian address be used for?

Company activities

All of our packages are suitable for discreet trading e.g. e-commerce business, and asset holding e.g. intellectual property and receiving dividends. They are not suited for open trading in countries that apply withholding taxes on payments, made to “tax havens”, notably France, Italy, Spain & Germany.

Please note: we will not assist in the incorporation of companies if we believe that they would engage in a licensable, restricted or unlawful activity.




Although our prices are in US dollars we are also happy to quote in € euros or £. See our currency converter above right.

Fees and payment.

Once we receive your order, we will send you an invoice and all application forms. Full payment must be received by us before we can form your company.

Delivery of company documents.

All documents are sent to you scanned by email, and some documents are sent to the bank for the bank opening. You have the choice as to whether you wish us to hold the originals on your behalf or whether you prefer to receive them for safe-keeping. Courier fees are included in our packages.

Renewal dates of offshore IBCs (International Business Company).

Irrespective of the incorporation date, St Vincent renews in early January each year. Please contact us if you are forming the company in the last 3 or 4 months of the calendar year. Belize renewal is by July each year although if CoGS is required renewal fees must be paid first. RAKIC, Dominica and Seychelles renew annually on the anniversary of incorporation. i.e. a full 12 months.

Annual renewal costs of IBCs.

Renewal fees are as follow

$ 935 - Seychelles,   $975 - Belize renewal,  $1,035 - Dominica, and St Vincent $975; RAK IC -  $1,875. Renewal prices are subject to change. About two months before the renewal dateplease see above - you will receive a renewal invoice. This should be settled a month to six weeks before the renewal date to avoid jurisdiction penalties.

What does renewal include?

Renewal fees include: government taxes and Registered Agent fees, together with the renewal of the virtual office address.


Bank annual requirements.

All of our banks reserve the right to request a Certificate of Good Standing (CoGS) and/or a Certificate of Incumbency annually.

A CoGS is a document that shows that the company is “up to date” and is issued by the company registry.

A Certificate of Incumbency is a document usually issued by the registered agent stating who the directors and shareholders are.

The cost varies, but can be between US$ 100 and US$ 200. It is sometimes cheaper to order this at the same time as renewal.


Information for US clients (FATCA)

Please see our banking page for details of FATCA which affects US persons. Most but not all of the banks listed in our packages will accept US persons, but please check with us first.


Why Malaysia for the virtual office? What can Malaysian address be used for?

Malaysia operates purely territorial taxation and this means that where no funds are remitted to Malaysia there is no tax due in Malaysia. This makes Malaysia an ideal location for your sales/administration office and for showing in your invoices, contracts, bank statements & business cards.


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