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Please note that TMS FZE provides an execution only service in respect of the formation of companies, opening bank accounts and related services. Therefore comments or suggestions made by us should not be considered as formal advice. Should you require formal structuring advice, please contact us.

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The table below is a list of our most commonly requested jurisdictions. In all cases, we have quoted the basic incorporation and first year cost.

In the case of Singapore, Ireland and Cyprus, we include the legal requirement of a local director. In the case of Guatemala two local directors are automatically provided.

The majority of IBC’s are zero tax, and don’t require accounts to be filed and audited. Certain countries however require an audit, which means that books and records must be properly maintained, likewise VAT (in the case of Cyprus and Ireland). Companies in lox tax jurisdictions show the standard tax rate, although this can often be reduced with careful planning.

If you are not completely sure what you require, please contact us before ordering a company.

Jurisdiction summary in table form, with prices.

Click on any of the jurisdictions for further information which will open in a new page.

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Jurisdiction summary in table form, with prices.

Click on any of the jurisdictions for further information which will open in a new page.

Our Bank introduction services

Opening an offshore bank account and opening a bank account remotely is very different from walking into your local branch to open an account for a local company.  This is particularly the case if the account is opened remotely i.e. without a personal visit.  This is due to the bank's compliance requirements and risk assessment procedures.

Typically opening an account remotely can take anything from 2 to 6 weeks and you can expect to be asked detailed questions about your business plan and potential customers and suppliers.

We offer three services to our clients:-


This service covers all aspects of opening an account at a non-local bank starting with advice as to the most suitable bank, pitfalls (some banks do not want certain kind of business or indeed certain nationalities).  

We prepare the application form based on the information you give us and will further advise on the tactics of the application (what to emphasise and what not to). We will maintain the momentum by ensuring that correspondence is attended to.

 To conclude we have a very high success rate where clients follow our advice.


This service better suits agents and those used to dealing with bank account applications.  Once the application form has been received, we will initially review it for suitability regarding the client and his business.  The client completes the application forms – again, we will review these and forward them to the bank.  We also provide the necessary certifications of company and other documents.


This service is for clients who wish us to introduce an existing company i.e. one not formed through us to one of the banks for which we are agents.  Within this service we will:

• Carry out a review to determine the most suitable bank.

• Obtain bank pre-approval based on the company’s declared proposed activities.

• Provide advice as to the emphasis that the selected bank places on various aspects of the application.

• Give guidance as to what should (and should not) be submitted to the bank.

• Carry out a detailed review of both the draft application and necessary documents to be submitted together with the company's business plan.

• Collate and submit the documents and forms required by the bank.

• Follow up with the bank on a regular basis and advising where corrections are needed.


Please be aware that the cost of obtaining documents that the bank may request is the responsibility of the client. Typical documents might include Certificate of Good Standing, Certificate of Incumbency, translation of documents (into English), likewise the cost of notarising, legalising and apostilling where required.


It is very important to note that many of the documents required by banks are time limited: specifically Certificates of Good Standing and Incumbency as well as proofs of address. Failure to supply documents in a timely manner will sometimes result in documents having to be re-applied for and at worst case (when documents are pending for over a month) may result in the bank closing the application.


Our fees are in respect of two elements - a) our advice and b) assistance in being compliant with the bank's requirements.  We cannot guarantee that your chosen bank will approve your application and indeed there may be factors of which we are not aware causing an application to be declined even if it otherwise appears to be compliant. For example one of the parties to the account may be blacklisted on the bank's database. This is becoming more common with the increased use of compliance software such as World Check.

To summarise, whilst we use our best efforts to assist clients, we cannot guarantee success.