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Hong Kong is located in the South China Sea 100 miles (160km) south east of Canton. It’s name, from the Cantonese, means fragrant harbour.

A British colony between 1842 and 1997, Hong Kong became a Special Administrative region (HKSAR) of P.R. China on 1st July 1997 and is administratively it is entirely separate from the Chinese tax and company system. Hong Kong is not an 'offshore' jurisdiction as such, but has low tax rates which are levied only on Hong Kong-source income. This means that Hong Kong is tax free for international trading.

Oct, 2020


Territorial taxation. Trading income from outside Hong Kong is generally NOT taxable.

Corporation tax is 8.25% profits tax  up to HK$ 2 million (c. US$ 250K), the maximum tax rate is 16.5 % for Hong Kong source income, but 0% for non-Hong Kong source income. 

Under the guiding principle of "one country, two systems" which was established before the handover the Chinese Government agreed that Hong Kong's capitalist system would remain unchanged until the year 2047. Within this, the legal system remains English Common Law.

There is no capital gains tax, no withholding tax, no sales taxes, no VAT, no annual net worth taxes and no accumulated earnings taxes on companies that retain earnings rather than distribute them.

For further detailed information about Hong Kong companies, please visit our HongKongCompanies.hk (opens in a new window) website.


Hong Kong

Bank account for Hong Kong companies.

Opening a bank account in Hong Kong for Hong Kong companies is not easy. Hong Kong companies may, however, fairly easily open accounts in other jurisdictions e.g. Mauritius, Singapore, Malaysia etc. We are able to offer our assistance in opening a bank account.

We are also able to assist with openig e-wallet account (digital wallet) based in Hong Kong and with a Hong Kong account number. Please contact us for further information about bank and digital wallet both inside and outside Hong Kong, or visit our Hong Kong packages page.

Our HK company formation services

We offer company formation services with a bank account. 


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