Wyoming LLC, USA Formation

Wyoming is in the mid west, is the 10th largest state but the least populated.
Wyoming LLC's may be formed quickly and without bureaucracy.

Apart from the ease of formation, a Wyoming LLC is extremely tax efficient when
used by non US resident principals and where the LLC does not trade in the USA.   


Oct, 2020

  • No US taxes for non US owners where the LLC does not trade in the USA.
  • No public disclosure of members and managers.
  • Inexpensive to form & maintain

Why incorporate a Wyoming LLC, USA?

A Wyoming LLC that conducts no business in the USA is generally not subject to US taxes (and neither are non-resident owners). In such cases, there are only nominal annual costs payable. A “non-resident” LLC is not required to file an income tax return.  

Bank account for a Wyoming LLC, USA company.

A Wyoming LLC can in theory open a bank account almost anywhere in the world, however, in practice many banks are cautions about taking on American entities. 

We can open US banking facilities or an EU based e-wallet without a personal visit.


Quick facts about Wyoming LLCs

The members of a Wyoming LLC are the owners. A single member LLC is permitted but we do not recommend this.
The manager (if required) of a Wyoming LLC fulfils the same function as a director but the LLC can easily be managed by its members. Again, a single manager is permitted.

There is no equivalent position to a Company Secretary, the registered agent is the legal point of contact in the US but is not an officer of the company. However, the title “Company Secretary” may be created in the Members Agreement, if desired.


How quickly can a Wyoming LLC be incorporated?

LLC formation generally takes a few days to from the instruction. The company documents are normally received/sent by email.

Public disclosure
There is no public disclosure of information as the Wyoming registry does not require this information to be filed.

Our Wyoming LLC, USA company formation services

We offer company formation services with a US based banking facilities or an EU based e-wallet without a personal visit.  Please visit our packages page for more information.


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