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Company Incorporation

Consultancy Business Packages

Are you planning to provide consultancy services (big or small) to your clients? If so, we have several options for you with optional credit card (pay by link) acceptance, depending on where you will be doing business.

e-wallet and banking

E-commerce Business Packages  

If you are planning to establish an e-commerce business, i.e. selling from your website or another platform, these are the packages for you.

We will introduce you to a suitable merchant facility.

Pricing plans

B2B & International Trade Business Packages

If you are planning to establish a relatively high profile business, you will probably want to consider one of our International Trade packages.

All the jurisdictions in this section are reputable low tax.



Please see below a selection of packages (company formation with bank account, or company with an e-wallet account).

Consultancy Business Packages
$ 2,250

Seychelles Company

Ideal for consultancy businesses, particularly in areas where conventional banking is difficult to access.

We offer:

Seychelles company formation

• Our assistance with opening an offshore bank account in Mauritius.

$ 2,250

St Vincent LLC

Ideal for consultancy services with the same time zone as much of the Americas.

We offer:

St Vincent LLC formation.

• Our assistance with opening an offshore bank account in Mauritius.

$ 1,200

Wyoming, USA LLC

Ideal for consultancy services into the E.U.

We offer:

Wyoming LLC company formation
• A US address.
• A US Tax Number (EIN). 
• An introduction to a US digital bank (e-wallet).

E-commerce Business Packages

Cyprus Company

Ideal for trading within Europe (EU and EEA).

We offer:
Cyprus company formation.

• Our assistance with opening a Cyprus bank account or

• Merchant account.

$ 2,225

Hong Kong Company

Best for international trading.

We offer:
Hong Kong company formation.

• Our assistance with opening an e-wallet in Hong Kong.

• Merchant account.

$ 1,450

Wyoming, USA LLC

Suitable for business outside USA.

We offer:
Wyoming LLC formation

• A US Tax Number (EIN)  

• An introduction to a US digital bank.

• Merchant account.

B2B & International Trade Business Packages

Singapore Company

Low tax and reputable jurisdiction.

We offer:
Singapore Pte Ltd company with resident director and mail service.

• Our assistance with opening a local Singapore bank account.

$ 1,975

Hong Kong Company

Territorial taxation which offer zero or low tax.

We offer:
• A Hong Kong Limited international trading company.

• Our assistance with opening an e-wallet in Hong Kong.


England & Wales, UK

Relatively low tax and ideally positioned for Europe & the Americas.

We offer:
• A Limited company formed in England & Wales 

• An introduction to a UK digital bank/e-wallet and/or European bank account.

Detailed Information About the Company Formation and Bank Account Packages

We otline below the relative advantages of each of the packages including renewal costs.

Seychelles St Vincent

Seychelles IBC or St Vincent LLC

St Vincent LLC ( in the Caribbean) and Seychelles (in the Indian Ocean.) IBCs  have no requirement to file or audit accounts. Other than an annual flat fee, there are no taxes to pay.

We offer a traditional bank account for this package. The banks are based in Mauritius and are full service. There are no monthly fees, but transaction charges can be on the high side. Please be aware of bank opening deposits before proceeding. Debit cards are available.

We suggest that 'Tropical packages' are best suited to consultancy businesses rather than e-commerce.

The renewal cost for a St Vincent LLC is currently US$ 899
The renewal cost for a Seychelles IBC is currently US$ 799 


International Trading Package -
Hong Kong Company

Hong Kong is an international trading hub with one huge advantage - territorial taxation. Hong Kong does not levy taxes on profit generated outside the territory. Despite recent events, Hong Kong continues to operate independently of mainland China and is an English Common Law jurisdiction.

Accounts should be prepared ready for filing. However, if all business is conducted outside Hong Kong, an audit exemption can usually be obtained.

Opening a traditional bank account in Hong Kong, particularly for companies trading outside Hong Kong, is not easy. For this reason, we introduce clients to Hong Kong based e-wallet/digital bank. It offers all of the facilities of a bank plus the ability to maintain balances in several major currencies. Fees and costs are very low. A debit card is available.

The Hong Kong company renewal cost is currently US$ 1,199 (excluding any accounting/audit costs). 


E-Commerce Package
Wyoming LLC Package

Wyoming, in the midwest of the USA, is lightly populated and lightly taxed. No personal or corporate income taxes and a low 4% sales tax for state residents.

The state prides itself on its ease of doing business. Company formation is fast and straightforward. Like all US states, companies formed in Wyoming need to obtain an EIN (Employer Identification Number) from the IRS (tax office), and currently, this is subject to delay. Our fee includes the costs of obtaining an EIN.

Provided that the owners of an LLC are residents outside the USA AND no business is done in the USA, there is no requirement to file accounts. This makes a Wyoming LLC it ideal for international trading and e-commerce for non-US residents.

Opening a traditional bank account in the USA is impossible without a personal visit. However, we can introduce clients to a digital bank that is happy to operate remotely. Fees and costs are low, and a debit card is available.

The Wyoming LLC renewal cost currently US$ 399 

Consultancy Package $1,200
e-Commerce Package $1,450