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Last update 27 Nov 2018

IBCs - Best for Consultancy & Asset Holding

It is becoming progressively more difficult to use Classic IBCs for ‘open trading’ e.g. selling goods online, obtaining merchant accounts etc. Therefore, we recommend using International Business Companies for consultancy and asset holding, including intellectual property. We can form companies in the following jurisdictions:

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The United Kingdom government have stated (May 2018) that they propose to accept an amendment to legislation which will require all UK overseas territories e.g. B.V.I., Anguilla, Turks & Caicos, Bermuda , Gibraltar etc to maintain and allow access to a register of beneficial owners. This, in our opinion, kills any semblance of privacy for owners of companies in these jurisdictions. We therefore cannot recommend them.

Common features of IBCs

What can an IBC or Zero-Tax company be used for?

Almost anything, but with reservations. We would not recommend high profile trading with an IBC directly into the EU, USA, Australasia, and other high tax areas - however RAK can be an exceptions to this as it generally not considered to be a tax haven.

The reasons are: 1. Such trading would attract unwelcome attention from the local Revenue Authorities. 2. In several countries, particularly the core EU, (France, Germany, Spain, Italy etc.) this would provoke withholding taxes e.g. your customer, if a medium or large company, might be forced to pay part of your invoice directly to the local tax office (on the specious grounds that somehow the local revenue is being deprived).

We therefore recommend IBCs to be used for e-commerce, discreet trading e.g. consultancy fees etc., for asset holding, and the holding of Intellectual property (I.P.). IBCs can also be used to own the shares in low tax companies e.g. a Cyprus company may be formed with an IBC acting as shareholder. In such a case the dividends earned by the Cyprus company would be paid to the IBC’s bank account rather then to the beneficial owner.

Other similar IBCs

In addition to the above four jurisdictions we can also offer formations in any of the following:

For more information please:

A Seychelles IBC can open a bank account worldwide.

RAK is not on any blacklist e.g. OECD, FAFT, EU.

A Belize IBC can open a bank account worldwide.

A Dominica IBC can open a bank account worldwide.

Zero taxation.

No public record.

Zero taxation.

20 years tax exemption.

Inexpensive to form and maintain.

RAK is has no corporate or personal taxes.

Inexpensive to form and maintain.

Inexpensive to form and maintain.

Strong privacy.

No accounts filing.

Strong privacy.

Strong privacy.

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