St. Lucia is known as the “Helen of the West”, it is located in the middle of the Eastern Caribbean chain of islands south of Martinique and northwest of Barbados.  St. Lucia gained independence from The UK in 1979 and has an English common law base together with political stability.

The applicable company legislation is:  International Business Companies Act 2000 with amendments.

Formation Time

Company formation can be completed quickly, usually within a couple of days (or faster), once local KYC requirements have been met.

Company statutory documents are generally received at our offices in 5 - 7 days.  St. Lucia companies may be formed with: any of: -  Ltd., Corp., Inc., SA, NV, BV or GmbH etc.

Taxes & Accounts

St Lucia enjoys complete exemption from taxation. There are NO estate taxes, corporate income taxes or withholding taxes for St Lucia IBCs.

Accounts for exempt companies need not be audited and are not filed with any authority.  St. Lucia Law however does require books of account to be maintained.

Directors and Shareholder requirements

A minimum of one director and one shareholder are required. Directors, Officers and shareholders may be natural persons or a body corporate, may be of any nationality and need not reside in St. Lucia.

A company secretary may be appointed if desired, but is not mandatory.

Offshore Bank Accounts

A St. Lucia IBC may open a bank account locally or worldwide. We offer a selection of banks both in St Lucia and in other offshore jurisdictions.

St Lucia bank account

We offer three local St Lucia banks and therefore are able to establish a St. Lucia company WITH a local bank account. These are: BOSLIL, Hermes Bank, and Via Bank all of which offer full online banking. It is also possible to obtain prepaid debit cards once the bank account is open. Accounts may be in any of US$, £, €, Fr (Swiss Francs), and HK$, all with full Internet banking.

Banks in Europe

Bank of Cyprus, Baltikumus Banka, Norvik Banka & Pasta Banka all in Latvia and Meinl Bank (private banking) in Austria. These five banks all offer access to SEPA (The Single European Payment Area) and are particularly suited to clients using euros, although of course dollar and sterling accounts are available.

Banks worldwide

We offer a range of banks from ABC Mauritius (which does not have monthly maintenance charge) through to DBS and OCBC in Singapore which offer a premium service. Please see our Banking Comparison summary for further information.


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Inexpensive to form & maintain.

A St Lucia IBC can open a bank account worldwide. (See list of banks we offer)

Zero taxation.

Strong privacy.

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