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St Vincent companies renew annually on 1st of January each year. We therefore apportion formation costs according to the quarter year in which the company is formed.

St Vincent IBC costs by date formed

* Where a company is ordered in the second half of the year (i.e. after 1st of July) we automatically require the 1st year’s renewal fees to be paid at the time of incorporation.

Renewal fees are $800 per annum effective from the 1st of January.

St Vincent companies - additional costs

Courier fees.
In all cases courier fees from St Vincent should be added to the above at the rate of
$100 worldwide.

Additional set of documents
Where a bank account is likely to be required we recommend ordering copies of the incorporation documents - notarised and apostilled (required by most banks).
Cost $145.

Nominee directors / shareholders (optional)
Nominee directors and/or shareholders are each charged at $400 per 12 months. Please note, that additional fees will apply where nominees are requested to sign documents or provide KYC documents e.g. for bank account opening.


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1st January - 31st June