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Low Tax - For the 1st 3 years of existence, the first S$100,00 (c. $80,000) is not taxed. Generally, taxation is 8.5% (up to S$300k, and 17% thereafter. Non-Singapore source income may not be subject to taxation. There is no tax on dividend payments. Respectable jurisdiction without the taint of being a "tax haven". A local director & company secretary are required and this helps demonstrate local management & control.

A local director and company secretary are legal requirements - corporate directors are not permitted. Full accounts must be prepared & filed. Thus, relatively expensive to maintain. However, no audit required for SME’s. The Company registry is public.



Low Tax - Non-HK source income is not taxed, and locally generated income is subject to tax at 16.5%. There is no tax on dividend payments.

Full accounts must be prepared, audited & filed. Every Hong Kong company must produce annual audited accounts and appoint a Hong Kong registered auditor except: -

-   Dormant i.e. Non Trading Companies.

- Small companies (Companies whose annual turnover does not exceed HK $500,000 c. US$60-65,000. The company registry is public although nominees are generally used to provide privacy.

Every Hong Kong company must have a local resident secretary, a registered office in Hong Kong and a Business Registration Certificate.

A nominal business registration fee is payable within one month of the date of incorporation and then annually on the anniversary of incorporation.



All Cyprus companies are taxed at 12.5% on nett profit. Nett profit is income less allowable expenses (general overheads, travel, salaries, consultancy fees etc). Cyprus also has a wide network of tax treaties, particularly with EU & CIS countries to avoid double taxation.

Dividends may be distributed to shareholders outside Cyprus without further taxation.

Accounts (often referred to as Financial statements) do need to be prepared, audited and filed with the Inland Revenue in Cyprus. We offer all the necessary services e.g. bookkeeping, VAT registration and maintenance, accounting etc. and can arrange for audit with a local firm of Chartered Accountants.

Cyprus maintains a public registry from which details concerning the company's officers and shareholders may be obtained by means of a personal search (Other than checking names, there is no facility to undertake on-line searches).

A Cyprus company needs a minimum of one director. To establish management and control (and also protect privacy) in Cyprus; we normally recommend that the director should be resident in Cyprus. We can introduce reputable local director(s).



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