St Vincent Company Formation

St. Vincent and the Grenadines (It’s 18 islands being also known as The Windward Islands) lies in the Eastern Caribbean, north of Grenada. St. Vincent gained independence from The UK in 1979 and has an English common law base together with political stability.

Due to recent changes in tax rules we now recommend forming an LLC (rather than an IBC).


Oct, 2020

  • Zero taxation for LLCs
  • Strong privacy.
  • Inexpensive to form & maintain

Member & Manager requirements

A minimum of one member and one manager is required, and may be natural persons or corporate. To maintain tax exemption they should not reside in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Formation time

St Vincent LLC formation can be completed quickly, usually within a few days.

Tax rate 

St Vincent LLCs are tax exempt for 20 years from formation date.

The old IBC regime has been abolished and Limited companies will be taxed as local companies in the future.

Filing Of Accounts

Accounts must be maintained although LLC is tax exempt for 20 years.

Public record

Member & Manager are not on the public record. 

Our St Vincent company formation services

We offer company formation services with a bank account outside St Vincent. Please visit our packages page for more information.


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