Seychelles Company Formation

The Seychelles archipelago is in the Indian Ocean, northeast of Madagascar. British from 1814, the country gained independence in 1976.

The country has an English common law base but with elements of French civil law. Company legislation is primarily based on the English model. The applicable company legislation is the Seychelles IBC Act 1994. The country is politically stable.


Oct, 2020

  • Zero taxation for IBCs
  • Strong privacy.
  • Inexpensive to form & maintain

Why incorporate a Seychelles IBC?

A Seychelles IBC is ideal use as a holding company. It can also be used for offshore consultancy business or companies wishing to hold intellectual property.

Bank account for a Sychelles company.

We can offer a traditional bank account in Mauritius. There are no monthly fees, although transaction charges make the account unsuitable for repeated small transfers.  Please be aware of bank opening deposits before proceeding. Debit cards are available. 

Quick facts about Seychelles IBCs

Director, secretary and shareholder requirements.
A minimum of one director and one shareholder are required. A company secretary may be appointed if desired but is not mandatory. Directors, Officers and shareholders may be natural persons or a body corporate, may be of any nationality and need not reside in the Seychelles.

Tax rates
International Business Companies are not subject to taxation within the Seychelles.

How quickly can a Seychelles BC be incorporated?

Company formation can be completed quickly, usually within a couple of days, once local KYC requirements have been met. A scanned certificate of incorporation will be sent by email on formation.

Public disclosure
There is no public disclosure of information as the Seychelles registry does not require this information to be filed.

Our Seychelles IBC company formation services

We offer company formation services with a bank account outside Seychelles. Please visit our packages page for more information.


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