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Please note that TMS FZE provides an execution only service in respect of the formation of companies, opening bank accounts and related services.
Therefore comments or suggestions made by us should not be considered as formal advice.
Should you require formal structuring advice, please visit our sister company TaiPan.

Last update 27 Nov 2018


TMS Group offers a wide range of company formation services at reasonable cost, and can introduce clients to a range of on- and offshore banks. We also offer a range of good value packages with a company with bank account + optionally a business address if required.


We offer a complete package consisting of a company in one of several jurisdictions, and a suitable business bank account. Should you need a business address, this can be added to the package.

We have the following offers:

1. Our ‘Tropical’ package, which is a Seychelles or Dominica IBC with a bank account in Mauritius.

2. Our ‘Hong Kong’ package, which is a Hong Kong company with a bank account in Mauritius.

3. Our ‘Emirates’ package, which is a RAK (UAE) IC with a bank account in Cyprus or Mauritius.

4. Our ‘Caucasus’ package, which is a Tbilisi Free Zone company in Georgia with a local bank account.

In all cases both the company incorporation and bank account can be established without a personal visit.


We offer a number of options for international clients covering companies trading in the following fields:

In many cases it is the type of company not the jurisdiction which is important and we would recommend clients to be flexible.

In most cases IBCs and other companies e.g. Singapore and Hong Kong, can be set up within a few days although some do take longer e.g. , RAK IC - one week, Cyprus about 10 days and Free Zones which can take longer - up to 4 weeks, Vanuatu can take longer because of the licence.

We offer a range of Incorporation services for both offshore & onshore company formation. Our most popular jurisdictions are RAK IC UAE,  Hong Kong, Dominica and Seychelles.

We can assist clients in opening corporate bank accounts worldwide.

Please visit our banking page for more information.



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Opening an offshore bank account (or even an onshore bank account) for an offshore or low tax company is very different to opening an account in your local high street.

The most important reasons are: that in nearly all cases (except Singapore) ‘our’ banks will open accounts remotely i.e. without a personal visit, which increases the risk for the bank. In addition offshore banks generally do not lend (unlike retail banks) and therefore are financed by their fees and charges. Please do not expect cheap banking.

Having said that, we offer introductions to a number of reputable banks.

A summary of these banks’ main features, maintenance costs and the costs of basic services can be found on our Bank Comparison page.

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Last revision date: June 2018