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Company Formation with Bank Account - Packages

Are you planning to set up a consultancy, ecommerce or international trading business?
We have a number of packages - company and bank account, ewallet, or merchant account suitable for any the above types of business. 


e-wallet and banking

Bank Accounts and
e-Wallet Accounts 

Open a bank account or e-wallet for your company.
We help clients to choose the best bank account or e-wallet and establishing merchant facilities (credit card acceptance) when establishing your company.


Pricing plans

Company Incorporation

Form your company in a low tax or a zero-tax jurisdiction.
We offer a wide range of company formations including Hong Kong, Singapore, Seychelles, USA Wyoming, among many others.

Offshore Company Formation

Please see our offshore jurisdictions list:

- Hong Kong (Limited) company

- Singapore (Pte. Ltd.) company

- Seychelles (Limited) company

- St Vincent LLC company

- US Wyoming LLC (Limited Liability Company);

- Malaysia Sdn Bhd (Sendirian Berhad*)

- Cyprus (Ltd) company

- RAK IC (offshore) UAE

- Dubai Free Zone

and many others.

Please visit our 'Companies page'.

The decision where to incorporate should largely depend on the type of business and where it's likely your customers will be. We can help you choose the right jurisdiction, and particularly for clients wishing to establish either an e-business (selling online), a consultancy business, or/and event organising.

You need to take care to ensure that your proposed business suits your proposed company structure. For example, using a Seychelles company for selling into a 'bricks and mortar' (physical) business in Europe is not a good idea due to EU tax haven avoidance rules in this case we would probably suggest an E.U. registered company e.g. Cyprus.

Most companies can be set up in a few days, although there are some exceptions. Cyprus and RAK Free Zones require name approval which can delay matters by a week or so. By contrast, Singapore and Hong Kong, as well as most IBCs can be set up quickly. USA Wyoming LLC companies are quick to form, but EIN's (Employer Identification Number) can take up to 12 weeks due to current COVID delays at the IRS. 

Company formation with bank account or e-wallet account

- Packages - 

We offer a number of packages to suit your proposed business:

- International trading companies;

- Trading companies in Europe;

- IBC formations ;

- Free Zone Companies;

- US Wyoming Limited Liability (LLC) Companies.

We offer packages including a company in a suitable jurisdiction together with a bank account or e-wallet. Some packages have additional services e.g. merchant accounts, credit card processing for e-commerce or consultancy business.

The choice of bank or e-wallet will depend on the type of business your company is involved in.

To view our full range, please visit 'Packages' page.

Setting up a business
bank account & e-wallet account

Opening a bank account for an offshore or low tax company is often much more complicated than opening a retail bank account locally.  

We offer introductions to several reputable banks, and e-wallets for clients establishing their company through us.

We can also help you to establish an online payment processor for your e-commerce and consultancy businesses.  

Traditional Banks 

Commercial banks offer a full range of services often including trade financing, debit cards and often an international network. However, they do prefer to 'know their customer', usually through a personal visit to the bank, which is often not practical. It should also be noted that the business model for banks specialising in 'remote opening' is very different to that of a retail bank. Offshore banks generally do not lend (unlike retail banks) and, therefore, are financed by their fees and charges. Please do not expect offshore banking to be as cheap as a local bank.


A newer alternative to a traditional bank is to use an e-wallet account, which is generally faster and cheaper to set up. e-Wallets are also generally much cheaper to operate.

These 'digital banks' offer basic banking services, e.g. transfers in and out of accounts and between accounts. They also often provide additional services at low cost, e.g. credit card processing, debit cards in more than one currency etc.


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