The tables below contain below a list of jurisdictions we offer.

Company Incorporation Costs.

We have quoted our fees for basic incorporation, including first-year domiciliation costs. In the cases of Singapore, Ireland and Cyprus resident companies, prices include a local director as required by local legislation.

Packages - Company Plus Bank Account Costs

We can introduce companies to a number of banks in different countries.
Fees include company incorporation costs together with the cost of introducing the company to a bank.

 Offshore jurisdictions price list

To find out more about any of the jurisdictions listed below, simply click on its name. A new page will open with statutory and tax information. If you require further information, please use our enquiry form.

The majority of IBC’s are zero tax, and don’t require accounts to be filed and audited. Certain countries however require an audit, which means that books and records must be properly maintained, likewise VAT (in the case of Cyprus and Ireland). Companies in lox tax jurisdictions show the standard tax rate, although this can often be reduced with careful planning.

If the proposed company will be opening a bank account, banks have varying requirements which will include copies of incorporation documents and personal information relating to the parties of the account. 

We accept payments by bank transfer, Stripe, PayPal or Payoneer.

Jurisdiction1st year
Basic cost 
Cyprus Ltd (non-resident)€ 2,200€ 1,100
Cyprus Ltd (resident)€ 2,950€ 1,650
Hong Kong Ltd. $ 1,650$ 1,199
Ireland Ltd.
€ 1,750€ 1,580
Malaysia Sdn Bhdplease askplease ask
RAK IC, UAE$ 2,880$ 1,850
Seychelles Ltd. $ 1,250$ 799
Singapore Pte Ltd $ 3,150$ 2,800
St Vincent LLC $ 1,250$ 899
Wyoming LLC USA$ 950$ 399
UK Ltd, England & Wales £ 750£ 750


To find out more about the packages listed below, simply click on its name.
We accept payments by bank transfer, Stripe, PayPal or Payoneer.

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The standard form is “Limited” as in limited liability and abbreviated to ”Ltd.” Some jurisdictions (eg Singapore) add “Pte” (for private) thus ABC Pte. Ltd.

LLC stands for Limited Liability Company. For example, we offer Wyoming LLCs. 

An LLC takes the legal form of a company, but is taxed like a partnership i.e. the individual partners are taxed, not the LLC itself.

LLP is initially from 2001 in the UK, later in other jurisdictions e.g. Singapore, generally to allow professional firms (accountants, lawyers etc) who were previously obliged to operate as (unlimited) partnerships, to incorporate. An LLP may of course be incorporated for any purpose. It differs from a Limited company in that it enjoys ‘pass-through’ taxation (as a partnership it is not taxed, rather it’s members are).

This combines the role of registered office & company secretary in IBC (International Business Company) jurisdictions where it is compulsory to have one. RA’s generally file annual returns and pay taxes etc on behalf of the company.

In most cases the Registered Agent is licensed in the jurisdiction in which it operates. 

All companies must have a registered office in the jurisdiction where they are formed. This is to enable receipt of official correspondence and to provide an address for service of legal processes. In most cases (unless separate arrangements have been made), this is not a trading address and should not be used for general trade correspondence.

Sdn. Bhd. stands for 'Sendirian Berhad' and is private limited company in Malaysia